Yoni Man

 Executive Consultant

Innovation & Disruption Catalyst

Storyteller & Creative Director


I’m committed to fostering the success of individuals and organizations, nurturing sustainable growth, accelerating strategic breakthroughs and maximizing professional, personal and creative potential.

— Executive Consultant

In pivotal decision-making situations, leaders need to sharpen their mental and emotional resilience as they navigate change, growth, conflict or crisis.

A deep understanding of the challenges faced, coupled with self-awareness, is vital for a leader to cultivate an agile and effective mindset.

Sadly, many feel compelled to face these challenges alone.

As a hyper performer who experienced burnout, I have made it my mission to leverage my experience, knowledge, curiosity, and passion to aid high performing leaders on their professional journeys.

Employing consulting, coaching and strategic and creative thinking methodologies, we identify mental, emotional, and interpersonal barriers, gain personal, professional, and organizational insights, and lead deep changes that empower leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Embarking on this journey with me requires courage and willingness to challenge established thought patterns. 

But those who do, overcome stagnation and experience growth, while maintaining a mentally focused and emotionally sustainable mindset.

— Innovation & Disruption Catalyst

Armed with a diverse background integrating creative expertise and tech fluency, I empower organizations to reimagine their services, products, and brand narratives, ensuring they stay competitive in their industries.

By leveraging deep understanding of human behavior and commuincation, unique creative perspective, technological and business fluency, as well as my consulting toolset and experience, I partner with comapnies in driving a culture of innovation. 

I encourage curiosity and experimentation as the cornerstones for complex problem solving, innovation, product development and business strategy.

— Why?

For over 17 years, I thrived pushing creative boundaries as a leading editor and director in the highly-demanding, fast-paced commercial TV industry, while also leading international projects as a brand strategist and content director.

Until I burned out.

Following the burnout, I embarked on a journey that led me to develop a different, holistic approach to performance.

Now, I support leaders and teams in shaping visions, building resilience, mastering stress and maintaining their peak performance without sacrificing wellbeing.


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